Faith Fellowship World Outreach Center
Prison Ministry Team Information

Those with family members who are incarcerated take comfort in knowing that FFMWOC's Prison Ministry reaches out with the same life-changing word that inspires all of us here at FFM. Our team also writes letters and offers hope to those who often feel hopeless.

Prison Ministry Team Leader: Rev. Mary Leonard

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Monmouth County Correctional Institution (Men)

Site Leader - Terry Crank
Site Member - Mark Spencer

Monmouth County Correctional Institution (Women)

Site Leader - Nina Doronila
Site Member - Ann Amon
Site Member - Lois Grosvenor
Site Member - Carolyn Nichols

Middlesex County Adult Correctional Facility (Men)

Site Leader - Pastor Amoon
Site Member - Suleman Amoon
Site Member - Sal Rafusino

Elizabeth County

Site Leader - David Williams
Site Member - Erik Kuilan

Trenton State

Site Member - Dennis Cumming

Elizabeth Detention Facility (Men)

Site Leader - Sal Arera

Elizabeth Detention Facility (Women)

Site Leader - Mary Torres
Site Memeber - Francisca Mayi
Site Member - Lucy Lammers
Site Member - Ellida Cox

Craft State Farm

Site Leader - Dennis Cumming

Northern State

Site Leader - John Davis
Site Leader - Gregory Spry

Edna Mahan State (Women)

Site Member - Theresa Hart

Hopewell Doves (Women)

Site Leader - Wanda Logan
Site Leader - Francine Sanchez
Site Member - Ruth Sample
Site Member - Rubella Grote

Mountainview Youth

Site Leader - Miguel Latouche
Site Memeber - Erinest Uopner

Newark Detention

Site Leader - John Davis

Yardville Youth

Site Leader - John Davis

Bordentown Youth

Site Leader - Darryl Merriman

New Hope Foundation

Site Leader - Ronald Wilson
Site Member - Donald Johnson

Monroe Youth

Middlesex Youth

Site Leader - Gwen Livingston
Site Leader - Ralph James

Letters of Hope

Correspondence Leader - Francine Sanchez
Assistant - Marie Bellaston
Assistant (Spanish) - Mary Torres


  • Anita White
  • Audrey Maxwell
  • Bertha Durant
  • Crystal Reefer
  • Cynthia Ganither
  • Darryl Campbell
  • Dolores Small
  • Ebenezer Agbobli
  • Elaine Atkinson
  • Helena Tackie
  • Lillian Beniquez
  • Mark Alexander Spencer
  • Meredith Nixon
  • Michael Balice
  • Monique Riggins
  • Norma R Martorano
  • Patricia Ewers
  • Pedro A. Aborio
  • Randy Livingston
  • Sheila Foreman
  • Syrlene Beckles
  • Tammy Dorio
  • Wanda Logan
  • Warlyne Johnson
  • Yvonne Spry