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Mary A. Leonard
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The Ministry



Vision Statement

In proclaiming Jesus Christ, our mission is seeking the salvation of souls and deliverance in every area of their lives. Encouraging faith principles and understanding that the development of “overcoming” is a recurring process in daily practice through the Word of God.  We firmly believe God is able to do all things as we assist in destroying yokes and setting the captives free.







Reverend Mary Leonard goes into a New Jersey State Prison facility every week teaching the Word of God along with going into area hospitals ministering the Gospel and sharing God’s love.  She is also involved in seminars and other teaching endeavors.

Prophetes Mary Leonard is best know by living a life style of intersession by standing in the gap for other. This played a big part of her birthing force the gift of prophecy. God speak to her in word, dreams and visions for the nation. Her teaching consists of showing others to speak God


Pastoral Accreditation 
*Ordained by Covenant Ministries International, Inc.

*Pastoral Crisis Intervention – UMBC – honors, University in Maryland
*Holistic Pastoral Care, Mason Kelly Washington Religious Training Institute
*Thresholds – Micro Teacher Certification, State of New Jersey Corrections
**Assisting inmates in developing decision making skills for a better future.
*Advance Christian Training School, 1986, Faith Fellowship World Outreach Center

*Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling

Chaplain Mary Leonard
*Theologies and Methodologies of Chaplaincy, Mason Kelly Washington Religious Training Institute
*Mentor Training, State of New Jersey Department of Corrections, Office of Chaplaincy Services
*Introduction to Gangs
*One unit of CPE, College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, Clinical Pastoral Education Program, University Hospital of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey


Professional Training
*Business Administration, Associates Degree